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Matrix Conversion Issues: Reported and Resolved
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Updated March 16, 2023


While Canopy MLS has completed our Matrix conversion and members are experiencing its benefits, we are resolving a few remaining issues.  You can reference the full list of items that are in process or have been resolved here.


Current Issues:

  • Display Total Property HLA on OneHome along with Total Primary HLA if the values are different - In Process
  • Display of Garage fields on OneHome - In Process
  • The Weekly Stats Report is in the process of being updated to reflect the separation of Townhouse and Condominium property types – In Process
  • Reduce the length of the Agent Full display, and Agent 1 Page report - In Process



Requires Agent Update:

Items marked as "Requires agent update" will need review or action by the agent in order to function correctly again.  If you have questions or need assistance with these items please contact Canopy MLS Support.


  • Some Auto-Emails and Saved Searches were affected by changes to fields and data, and are not returning the desired results - Requires agent update (Click here for more information)
      • "List/Sell" search options (Agent, Office, or Team)
      • Manufactured and Modular Home searches
      • Parking Features (old field stuck in Selected Fields on Additional Fields
      • Levels Above-Grade and Basement (Backfill on BasementYN)
      • Waterfront and Waterview


  • Some Hotsheet and Market Watch custom search criteria was not imported - Requires agent update


Resolved Issues:


  • Matrix Auto Email Display for “Off Market” for TEMP, EXP, and WTH statuses - RESOLVED
  • Quick CMA calculation errors for Average and Median - RESOLVED
  • Auto-Email deactivation warning email content and frequency - RESOLVED
  • Map Search on Detail and Custom searches "Did you mean" discrepancy/address verification - RESOLVED
  • Auto-Email options in Longleaf Pine via IntraMatrix were not enabled - RESOLVED
  • Add change type info to Auto Emails for off market listings - RESOLVED
  • RPR displays login page or "no result" error - RESOLVED
  • Implement sortable Levels field - RESOLVED
  • Team ID prompts are not appearing when an agent who is on a team is added to a listing - RESOLVED
  • Remove unneeded LotSizeAcres, LotSizeSqFt fields, - RESOLVED
  • Quick CMA reports missing fields for some property types - RESOLVED
  • Speed Bar searching for partial address with wildcard – RESOLVED
  • Adding fields to CMA Fields available for adjustment - RESOLVED
  • Changing a listing from Under Contract to Active will display an error if the Selling Agent is on a team. - RESOLVED
  • ShowingTime App Additional Listing Details deep link is giving a 404 server error - RESOLVED
  • Speed bar searching for address generating error message for some users  - RESOLVED
  • Add Subdivision to Matrix Auto-Email display - RESOLVED
  • Backfills for Standard Status, Lot Size Units, Total Property HLA, Yearly HOA Expense - RESOLVED
  • Expiration Dates showing in MLS Touch and in Matrix for some users. - RESOLVED
  • (Backfill on BasementYN) - RESOLVED
  • Share Listing Display  - RESOLVED
  • Older listings were appearing at the top on OneHome, and featured in Auto-Emails due to unexpected timestamps - RESOLVED
  • Blocks and restrictions not being imposed on Coming Soon-No Show status listings in ShowingTime. - RESOLVED
  • Administrative staff unable to schedule showings in ShowingTime – RESOLVED
  • Administrative staff unable to view or edit Incomplete listings - RESOLVED
  • Adding showing instructions from Add/Edit does not link to the showing instructions for the listing in ShowingTime - RESOLVED
  • Status change options not appearing for all users in Add/Edit - RESOLVED
  • "Fill" option in the picklist input fields (street, subdivision, waterbody, etc.) not filling after you search and select "Fill" - RESOLVED
  • "My Listings/My Team Listings with No Photos" is pulling listings that do not belong to the agent or team - RESOLVED
  • Listings that change from CS to ACT are incorrectly labeled as "Back On Market" - RESOLVED
  • Old listing photos displayed on listings - RESOLVED
  • Agent profile pop-up window missing "View my Listings" link - RESOLVED
  • Ability to add or view notes missing from "Agent Brief" display - RESOLVED
  • Some Room Dimensions did not appear on "Rooms" tab display - RESOLVED
  • Listings changed to Temporarily Off Market were not setting a system date field properly - RESOLVED
  • Some school names are not appearing in listings - RESOLVED
  • Backfill the “55+ Community YN”, and certain other “YN” fields – RESOLVED
  • Quick CMA does not include Coming Soon No-Show status listings - RESOLVED
  • Agent "Portal Notifications" are not sending when client activity occurs on OneHome - RESOLVED
  • MLS Touch is still re-syncing photos from the new system – RESOLVED (issue preventing syncing from happening correctly is resolved, some photos are still syncing)
  • Agents not able to delete Incomplete listings - RESOLVED
  • Agent on team cannot edit listing - RESOLVED
  • Ranking Reports with specific Associations selected would generate a blank report – RESOLVED
  • Expiration dates were incorrectly hidden or displayed for some users – RESOLVED
  • Several fields were not available for searching.  The list below is for examples, but is not comprehensive.  Please contact Canopy MLS Support if there is a field that was available in the old system for searching, but is not seen in the new system – RESOLVED
    • List/Sell Agent, Office, and Team options
    • Street address options (Street number, street name, etc.)
    • Parcel ID
    • Selling Agent and Selling Office fields
    • Postal Code
  • Listing Data Checker widget error retrieving violation data - RESOLVED
  • Some Auto-Email searches are not displaying the new “tabbed” version of the Agent Full report – RESOLVED
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