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Canopy MLS Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Program

Consumers in the Carolinas can access timely, accurate and trustworthy property information listed by multiple real estate agents from a single agent website thanks to Internet Data Exchange.

Canopy MLS offers Participants and Subscribers the ability to display MLS active listing information on the Internet through the Internet Data Exchange Program. Through IDX, Participants permit other Participants and Subscribers to advertise their active listings on one another's websites. Participants may include their listings in the IDX database without having their own websites. If a Participant chooses not to participate, his or her firm's listings cannot be displayed on any other member's website.

Brokers who participate in IDX can offer consumers the most comprehensive selection of active real estate listing information, and their listings are exposed on the websites of other brokers. Broker websites can effectively compete with national aggregators as comprehensive sources of online listing information.

Canopy MLS allows members to post minimal displays of other brokers’ listings on social media as long as there is a direct link to an IDX-compliant display.  The IDX rules state that displays of minimum information (e.g., “thumbnails,” text messages, “tweets,” etc., of 200 characters or less) are exempt from complying with IDX display rules, but only when linked directly to a display that does comply with IDX display rules. To be safe, always include your firm’s name on the social media page where the post appears as well.  Follow the rules when posting other brokers’ listings on social media.

IDX Display (Option 1): Frameable IDX Search Tool in Matrix™

Canopy MLS provides a frameable IDX search tool in Matrix™, but only active Canopy MLS Member Participants and Subscribers can use it, and there are a few basic rules to follow.
For further information, read Matrix IDX Configuration.

Sample output of IDX Frameable 
Map Search

IDX Display (Option 2): Data Feed via Web API to IDX Vendor

Canopy MLS also offers an IDX data feed via Web API so that Member Participants and Subscribers can create and maintain their own IDX websites.

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