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The “Realtor® Tools/Resources” widget
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The "Realtor® Tools" widget displays a list of links to third party services and resources.  There are many powerful or useful tools here, and encompass a wide variety of options.  Some services a provided to you by Canopy MLS (such as Courthouse Retrieval and Realist Tax Search), others are provided free by your membership in the MLS (Such as My Flood Status or Remine).  Some require subscriptions or additional fees (such as Supra, our key and lockbox system).  Canopy MLS offers training on many of these services, and some of them offer training directly as well.  If you have questions about any of these options please contact Canopy MLS Support.


RAMCO Dashboard

  • Your account portal, where you can pay a bill, update your profile information, place orders with the Realtor Store, and more.


Canopy Dashboard

  • A centralized location with one-click resources to pay a bill, sign up for classes, and single sign-on access to apps including most of the tools listed on this page.


Builders Update

  • Your source for new construction information in our MLS service area.


Courthouse Retrieval (CRS)

  • Offers covenants, conditions and restrictions for six local counties including Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Gaston, Iredell, Lancaster and York.



  • Create detailed one-page local market reports in seconds for each area covered by Canopy MLS including the Charlotte Region, the Catawba Region, the Asheville Region, and the entire Canopy MLS Area. 
  • Provides clean and visible maps of local housing stats in a sleek, intuitive, easy-to-use modern interface. 
  • Get a complete picture with reports on metrics, supply, foreclosures and more


Internet Data Exchange (IDX)

  • Canopy MLS Participants and Subscribers can display MLS active listing information on the Internet through the Internet Data Exchange Program.  For more information please contact D[email protected]


ListHub Data Syndication

  • We have partnered with Move/ListHub to provide data syndication to more than 900 real estate channels on the internet.


MLS-Touch App

  • The MLS-Touch app is a real-time client collaboration app allowing you to trade messages, view favorites, and act on client needs in the moment.
  • It contains all of your listing data and your contacts that you save in Matrix and allows you to share the app with your clients using all of the same reliable data that you use in the MLS.
  • It also has criteria to filter the listings by bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. and it is branded to you so your clients know who provided the service to them.



  • MyFloodStatus provides superior flood determinations, and ongoing support can help you win more listings, market more properties, close more deals, and stand out as an expert in your field. Discounted pricing is made possible by Canopy MLS.


  • RatePlug is integrated with Matrix and connects agents, home buyers, and loan originators. Your invited lender's current products and rates are used to calculate affordability. By connecting with a trusted lender agents report a 15% faster contact to close when using RatePlug.


Realist Tax Search

  • Realist is a web-based public record service that integrates with Matrix to deliver up-to-date public records for all counties in N.C. and S.C. (146 in total).® Professional Search

  •® Pro Search (and app): This property-centric national database of more than 100 million property records is available right at your fingertips.
  • Access property detail information quickly and easily, and generate effective customer reports.
  • Find property valuation information from multiple sources and top selling agents in other states to refer relocating clients.


Realtor® Value Campaign

  • We have created a campaign that educates consumers and promotes the value of using a Realtor®.
  • The campaign includes digital ads, graphics and radio spots that can be downloaded for agents to use in their own marketing.
  • Special email templates have been created promoting the safety precautions taken by Realtors® to help consumers sell or buy a home during COVID.


Realtors® Property Resource (RPR)

  • RPR (Realtors® Property Resource) and app: RPR has more than 147 million property records that have layers of data such as zoning, permits, and mortgage and lien data, schools and the largest database of foreclosure information in the industry.
  • Realtor® members also have localized MLS active and off-market data integrated.



  • Remine combines consumer data and property data onto a single platform that delivers more actionable intelligence to real estate agents than any other tool.



  • ShowingTime is our showing service that gives you the ability to manage showings on your listings and schedule showings for your buyers.
  • and the ShowingTime mobile app also track showing activity and feedback.


Statistical Analysis Module (SAM)

  • SAM allows you to position yourself as a market expert.
  • Use SAM to create fast and easy reports, charts and presentations about the current market.
  • SAM is an interactive market analytics Web tool for custom documents.



  • The Supra System makes it easy for showing agents to access properties and for listing agents to track activity at client properties. 


zipForm MLS-Connect®

  • We have partnered with zipLogix to make zipForm® MLS-Connect available to zipForm® Plus users.
  • This allows residential listing data to be easily imported or pushed into zipForm®. 


Matrix Learning Lab

  • Discover what’s new, access a library of on-demand content, and be confident you're getting the most out of Matrix.



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