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The "Hotsheets" widget
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"Hotsheets" are quick links to recently changed listings, sorted by property type.  By default, this widget has one "generic" hot sheet for each property category.  This looks for any of several tracked changes to have happened on listings recently.  At the bottom right of the widget select the time range to look for these changes.

  • New Only: Changes that have not been viewed yet.  This shows listing changes that have happened either since you logged in, or have happened since the last time a particular hot sheet was run, whichever happened more recently.
  • This session: All changes that have happened since you logged into the MLS
  • 24 Hour: Changes that have happened within 24 hours of the time the hot sheet is run
  • Today: Changes that have happened since midnight of the current day
  • 3 Day: Changes that have happened since midnight 3 calendar days ago
  • 7 Day: Changes that have happened since midnight 7 calendar days ago
  • Custom: Changes that have happened during a specific time range.  When you choose custom and click on a hot sheet, Matrix will prompt you to enter a start date, and it will run up to the current time.  This option allows you to search for up to 30 days of changes.


Click the "Customize" option at the bottom left of this page to add, edit, rename, or delete any hot sheets.  You can have up to 10 different hot sheet searches each looking for different changes and different criteria.


For a video tutorial on hot sheets see our Matrix Minute Hot Sheets video.

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