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Set Default Criteria
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Default Search Criteria


When you first open one of the standard Matrix searches notice that the default selection is Active. You can set your own default search criteria according to how you usually search.

For example, let's say you usually search for Active Single Family, non Manufactured or Modular listings in Burke and Catwaba county.

  1. Ensure that "Active" is selected in the Status box.  Locate the Construction Type box and select Manufactured, Modular Off Frame and Modular On Frame under this field by holding down the "Ctrl" key and then click "Not" below the field.  Then holding down the "Ctrl" key again on your keyboard, click counties Burke and Catawba.
  2. To save your new default settings, click on the  /images/icons/settings.png  image on the top right of the search screen next to the "per page" settings. Three options will appear. Click on the first one: "Set currently selected search criteria as my starting default".
  3. Every time you return to this search, your default criteria will be pre-selected for you so that you don't have to redo this each time. Note that you must set your default criteria for each different search you use.
  4. If you occasionally need to do something different than your default, simply make the criteria changes on the screen for this search session.
  5. To remove all criteria, including the original system default criteria,  click the  broom "Clear" button on the bottom left of the page in the shaded grey bar to start fresh.
  6. The original system defaults are available to you as the third option under the    images/icons/settings.png icon: "Reset to the system defaults".
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