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Profile Photo

How to add your photo to your MLS profile To add or update your Agent roster photo that appears when running an Agent search in Matrix: Click the menu option " Add/Edit " Click " Edit Existing " Member Enter your Matrix username into the field and click " Modify " Click " Manage Photos " To upload your pho…

Update Your Information

Has your email address or phone number change? Checklist for updating your MLS contact information (phone number, email address, etc.). Matrix Contact Information Verify and update your contact information by going to the “ Resources ” menu option and clicking “ RAMCO Dashboard ”.  The RAMCO Dashboard will all…

Identity Sharing

Identity Sharing in Matrix™ - Allow an MLS user to work on behalf of another MLS user In the Matrix system, Identity Sharing is used to allow MLS users access to the accounts of other users. * First, the person sharing his or her account must log into Matrix. At the top right of the page, they should click where…

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