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Update Your Information
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Has your email address or phone number change?


Checklist for updating your MLS contact information (phone number, email address, etc.).


Matrix Contact Information

Verify and update your contact information by going to the “Resources” menu option and clicking “RAMCO Dashboard”.  The RAMCO Dashboard will allow you to enter updated information. Click “Submit” when finished.  Changes saved here will generally sync to Matrix in 15 to 30 minutes.

You can verify your contact information has been updated under the agent search. (Verify by going to the “Search” tab, click “Agent,” click “Detailed”, type in your Agent ID/MLS username, click “Results”, and click the Agent ID to display your agent information)


Matrix Email Signature

Click here to learn how to update your Email Signature in Matrix


Update the Agent Phone Number on Your Listing(s)

If you or your office has recently changed phone numbers, email addresses, or names this information will not automatically update on your listings.  Once the updated information is visible in Matrix you will need to go into each individual listing to update/refresh your agent information. “Add/Edit” tab, Select (or enter) your listing, click on the “{PropertyType} Add/Edit” link (ex: Single Family Add/Edit), once you’re in the listing click “Listing Agent and Listing Office” tab.  Next to the List Agent MLS ID click the “Refresh” link, then click “Submit Listing.”

Matrix Header & Footer Update (optional)

The Matrix head and footer does not automatically update for some areas of Matrix (CMA Header), to refresh the header with your new information start by going to the menu option “My Matrix”, clicking “My Information”, and clicking the tab “Header & Footer”, at the bottom click “Select a different package”, choose the first option “I choose not use a header…”, then “Save”. Now go right back into Header & Footer and reselect the header you had before “Preview”, then “Save”. Unfortunately the system at this time does not automatically update this area.

Realist Email Address

Open Realist from Matrix by going to the menu option “Public Records” then “Realist Tax Search.” To update your email address in Realist all you have to do is change the “Reply To:” email address when sending an email. Once you change the email address, the next time you send an email it will automatically save the updated email address.

Realist Email Signature

Open Realist from Matrix by going to the menu option “Public Records” and clicking “Realist Tax Search”. Click “Preferences” at the top of the page then click “Email Signature”. The Email Signature option will allow you to update your signature. Click “Submit” after entering the updated information.



There are other Realtor® tools (ShowingTime, etc.) provided by Canopy MLS that may update from the MLS or you may have to update within each application directly.

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