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Member Participant (MP) reference guide

The "Member Participant" (MP) of a firm is the Realtor® member designated as the person responsible for the Firm's MLS service.  Often, this is the Broker-In-Charge of the office, though this is not always the case. When accessing the MLS as an MP, there are relatively few differences as compared to the accounts of …

Canopy Member Participants Responsibilities to Maintain Access to MLS

Subscription to Canopy MLS is through a firm’s participation in Canopy MLS (whether a single office or a branch office of a larger firm). Each head of a firm or office, for MLS purposes, is referred to as the Member Participant. All Subscribers (licensees) and Administrative Assistants affiliated with the firm have…

Identity Sharing

Identity Sharing in Matrix™ - Allow an MLS user to work on behalf of another MLS user In the Matrix system, Identity Sharing is used to allow MLS users access to the accounts of other users. * First, the person sharing his or her account must log into Matrix. At the top right of the page, they should click where…

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