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Member Participant (MP) reference guide
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The "Member Participant" (MP) of a firm is the Realtor® member designated as the person responsible for the Firm's MLS service.  Often, this is the Broker-In-Charge of the office, though this is not always the case.

When accessing the MLS as an MP, there are relatively few differences as compared to the accounts of the other members of the office.  These differences can generally be summed up thusly: Anything that an agent can see on their own account, but other agents can't see about them, an MP can see for their entire office (or firm, more on that below).

With this in mind, an MP can:

  • Edit any listing associated with their office.  Just click the "Add/Edit" tab in the toolbar to see a dropdown list of all of the office's agents.  After selecting an agent, a second dropdown list with all of their listings will appear. 
  • Change the listing agent on a listing.  While editing a listing, an MP can reassign a listing to any other agent associated with their office.
  • Manage the syndication settings for the office.  Matrix distributes listing data, directly or through 3rd parties, to hundreds of different websites.  The MP of an office chooses which specific sites their listing data is shared with.
  • Manage Team Rosters in their office.  While Canopy MLS staff must create a team for an office (when the request has been signed off on by the MP), once the Team has been created the MP can add or remove agents from the team as needed.
  • View privileged information on listings.  This includes the "Expiration Date" on all of the office's listings, as well as the "Selling Agent" information on listings in Under Contract Show and Under Contract No-Show statuses.  The MP of the Selling office can also see the agent information.
  • Run Office Production reports.  Click the "Market Reports" tab in the toolbar.  Where most agents will only have an option for "Agent Production", MPs will also see "Office Production".  This report will list an summarize all Closed listings associated with the office for a given date range.

There is one situation in which an MP may have slightly more access than what is listed here.  When a firm is comprised of multiple linked offices, one office will be designated as the "main" office of that firm, which the other offices will be listed as "branch" offices.  An MP associated with the main office of the firm can access all of the information listed here for all offices in the firm, rather than just the office they are associated with.


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