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Emailing Open Houses

Emailing Open Houses * On the Open House search results page, click the check boxes next to the listings you want to email. * Click " Print "at the bottom of the screen, then select the display to email (Single Line, Full, etc.) * Click the " Email to PDF " button at the bottom of the screen. * Fill in all the…

Search Open Houses

Searching for Open Houses * Under the " Search " tab, click the " Open House " category. You can also click on Search , locate the Open House Category and click the " Open House search " link. * Enter your search criteria and click the " Search " button on the bottom left or the " Results " tab on the top rig…

Add Open House

Adding an Open House * Start by editing your listing (3 different ways to edit your listing): From the home page find the " My Listing " widget, click the check box next to the listing, click " Edit " at the bottom. From the menu click " My Matrix " tab, then click " My Listings ", click the check box next …

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