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Changes to Matrix in the update - Matrix version 11.2.3
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The update to Matrix version 11 continued the process to move Matrix towards being a fully "Responsive" system.  Responsive Design means the web page automatically adapts to best fit the screen on any device being used, allowing Matrix to be easily used on a wide selection of devices.


Watch this video overview of these changes.



Many agents provided feedback to Canopy MLS regarding the version 11 update, and these recommendations have been implemented in the update to Matrix version 11.2.3.  In this update:


  • A text size selector, allowing agents to easily change between "small", "medium", and "large" (the default) text sizes.  This button  is located at the top right of the page - click it once to reduce the text size from "large" to "medium", click it again to reduce it from "medium" to "small", then click it a third time to return it to "large" text size.  Changing the text size will affect all of the pages that have been updated to Responsive Design - as of the time of this update, that is the Home page, the Contacts page, and the Auto-Emails and Saved Searches lists.  
  • The Home page widgets have been updated to automatically adjust the height of the widget, rather than showing all widgets in a row at the same height.  This allows widgets with less information to display in smaller boxes, reducing the overall size of the home page.
  • Some widgets on the Home page have received updates specific to their functionality:
    • The "Search" widget has been updated to allow searches to be run by pressing the "Enter" key
    • The "Market Watch" widget has moved the chart lines to the right of each change type, rather than below, reducing the overall size of this widget


  • The Auto-Emails and Saved Searches pages have received updates as well:
    • Both pages now support "narrowing" the list of searches, to make it easier to focus on certain searches (such as only those for a particular client).  Select the searches to view, then click the menu button at the top left of the list and click "Narrow Selected" to hide all but the selected searches.  Click the menu button, then click "Undo Narrow", to restore the full list.
    • Both pages have added several columns, some of which are sortable:
      • Search names and associated client names have been placed in two separate columns, both of which are sortable.
      • The Saved Searches list includes the "Last Run" column, displaying the last time this search was used.
      • The Auto Emails list includes columns for BCC, update Schedule, new Concierge mode results, and "Last Viewed".  This last column shows the last time the client viewed the results of that search.
      • The Auto Email "status dot" indicator (the red or green circle showing whether a search is enabled or disabled) has been moved to the far left column, aligning the status indicators for all searches for easier reading.
      • Both pages feature a new "Market Update" button at the top right of the page.  This button will check for new or updated listings in all searches in the list, using either the "last run" date of the search or a custom entered starting date.


  • For agents that prefer the previous format of these pages, a new "Classic Mode" switch is available.  To find this setting, click the "Hello" menu at the top right of the page, then click the slider to enable "Classic Mode".  A small window will appear to confirm this change, click "Go to Classic Dashboard" to enable it.  The Home page, as well as the Auto Emails and Saved Searches lists, will revert to the previous formats.  Click the "Hello" menu, then click the "Classic Mode" slider again, to return to the new format of these pages.
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