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Get ready for the Down Payment Resource (DPR), visit DPR helpful resources and recordings
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Down Payment Resource FAQs
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Down Payment Resource (DPR) is now LIVE in Matrix and OneHome. Are you up to speed?

DPR will serve as a catalyst to help measure the availability and criteria of down payment programs administered on the local, state and national level. Information will be customized to the respective listing in the MLS system.  Watch the recorded webinars below to prepare you on how to use the DPR information to assist buyers.

The following webinars below were recorded and are available to refer back to and share with your agents.

  • Down Payment Assistance 101 is an introduction to DPR on Wed., Jan. 24 at 11 a.m. Watch the recorded webinar:
  • Those Darn DPAs will address misunderstandings and misperceptions about down payment assistance programs on Thurs., Jan. 25 at 11:30 a.m.  Watch the recorded webinar:
  • Explore DPAs and Engage Buyers with Down Payment Resource, which will go into more details about programs in our market on Tue., Jan. 30 at 2:00 p.m..  Watch the recorded webinar:
  • Down Payment Connect, will teach how you can use this personalized lead-generation landing page that can be integrated with your agent or brokerage website, shared on social media, or included in your email signature on Wed., Jan. 31 at 2:30 p.m.. Watch the recorded webinar:


Down payment assistance is available for more than 80% of on-market residential listings in Canopy MLS!

Canopy MLS is in the process of integrating Down Payment Resource (DPR) into Matrix and property listing data to help members connect homebuyers with available down payment assistance. Canopy will communicate once the integration is completed. 


What is Down Payment Resource?

Down Payment Resource is a national database and matching engine of 2,200+ local, state and national homebuyer programs in the U.S.

The down payment assistance programs are offered by: housing authorities, non-profits, community development financial institutions (CDFIs), federal home loan banks, land trusts, and more.

According to DPR, down payment assistance is available for approximately 72% of on-market residential listings in Canopy MLS, including down payment and closing cost assistance (DPA), affordable first mortgage programs, mortgage credit certificates (MCCs), and others.


How do I access Down Payment Resource?

Log into Canopy MLS at  Look for the DPR tile under the Realtor® Tools section. This will take you to the DPR homepage where you will find all of the DPR tools and resources, including your personalized Down Payment Connect link.


What is changing in Matrix and OneHome?

The DPR icon will appear on eligible listings in Matrix, and also on the OneHome client portal. Clicking on the link will display the eligible programs for that listing. Your clients will also be able to see this under “Links to More Information” in OneHome.


What is Down Payment Connect?

Canopy MLS Participants and Subscribers also have access to a tool called Down Payment Connect, which provides a personalized lead-generation landing page that can be integrated with your agent or brokerage website, shared on social media, or included in your email signature.



Are there marketing resources to help me promote my Down Payment Connect link?

Yes!  DPR provides a graphics library by clicking the Marketing Resources button on the DPR dashboard.


How will my buyer’s information be used?

Buyer information is used to display the listings that meet the buyer’s specific criteria, and is only shared with the buyer agent. It is never shared with any third party.


How can I customize Down Payment Connect?

Add your branding image/logo: When you log in to the Down Payment Connect dashboard you can update your branding image/logo and display your real estate license number.

Start sharing your link: Your personalized link is at the top of the Down Payment Connect dashboard after you log in. This link can be shared on your websitesocial mediaemail campaigns and more.

Make sure to join the Down Payment Insiders Facebook Group for industry pros interested in understanding the latest on down payment programs.


How do I add DPR to my IDX website?

As a Canopy MLS Participant or Subscriber, you are able to add hyperlinked DPR icons to eligible properties on your IDX website that your site visitors can click to do a DPA search, see if any programs are available for them, and connect directly with you to discuss further.

In order to enable this, send the DPR IDX Setup Instructions document to your IDX vendor. You can access this document from the DPR member homepage, which is accessible through the Canopy MLS Dashboard.

The instructions describe the URL format your IDX vendor will need to use for the DPR icons, which are added to properties identified in their IDX data feed as eligible, and provides graphic options for the icons. The links could be hyperlinked text, but the idea is that in the DPR Y/N field in their IDX feed, they add a DPR link as described in the attached, but only if DPR=Y in that field.


Where can I find classes and training about down payment help that is available?

DPR offers live and pre-recorded webinars:

  • Grow Your First-time Homebuyer Business
  • Down Payment Programs 101: What every Agent and Loan Officer Needs to Know
  • Those Darn DPAs!



What if I know of a down payment assistance program available for my listing, but it is not listed?

If there are any programs you are aware of that aren't showing up in the DPR directory, please reach out to Down Payment Resource at [email protected] and their team will begin research on it.  If it's a program that should be included, they will get it added right away!


How quickly will my listing be flagged as having down payment assistance available?

It takes 24 hours for the DPR icon to appear on listings after they are published as Coming Soon-No Show or Active status. If you want to look at a listing before it has processed in the DPR system you can go to your Down Payment Connect page, click on "DPR Pricing Tool" then plug in the address and estimated sales price of the listing to see what programs may be available at that property. 

Where can I find more answers to frequently asked questions?

DPR Resources:

Contact information: [email protected]

Additional FAQs:

Facebook Group:


Canopy MLS Support or Questions

Phone: 704-940-3159

Email: [email protected]

Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.,   Sat. 8:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.

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