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ZipForm Plus

For questions regarding the ZipForms program or any of the forms themselves, please refer to the list below to direct your calls to the appropriate organization:

  • ZipLogix support: technical support, “how-to” questions, all login issues (except “NRDS ID inactive”)
  • NCR: Questions about forms themselves – which to use, what the language means, other legal questions
  • Your local Realtor Association: NRDS ID inactive

ZipLogix will do all troubleshooting that relates to the ZipForms software itself, unless the issue is that your account is inactive.  Even though your subscription is provided by the National Association of Realtors, your NRDS ID is made active/inactive by the local Realtor Association you are primarily a member of.  If your questions relate to the contents of a given form or which form(s) applies in a given situation the North Carolina Association of Realtors provides legal guidance.


ZipLogix has also produced a series of YouTube videos, for on-demand training in the system.  Click below to view them:

ZipForm Plus training video playlist

For additional information, please contact ZipLogix Support at (586) 840-0140.

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