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Home Tab Guide
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The Home tab is the first page you see after logging into Matrix. The Home Tab contains information
such as news updates from the MLS and association, various Matrix Help messages, and Links to external websites
commonly used by Agents. There are also quick links to most recently used client information,
Hotsheets, favorite searches, and Market information.



The Home page is customizable in terms of layout and contents. Each “Widget” can be moved or
removed to make the page the way the user wants to view it. As well, contents of some widgets can be
customized for content.

When hovering over the grey portion of the widget, the mouse icon will turn to a 4 pointed arrow.
Clicking and holding the left mouse button on the grey bar, will ‘activate’ the widget and allow the user
to drag it the desired location. Releasing the mouse button to places it.



If there are ‘widgets’ that you wish to hide, the user can simply hover over the selected widget, and
either click and drag it to the “ + Additional” widget box, or click on the X in the top right of the widget



To move it back, simply click on the selected widget within the ‘Additional’ box and drag it back to the
desired location.

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