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09/14/2021 - Clear Cooperation Policy Reminder

The Canopy MLS Rules and Regulations require the listing be submitted to the listing service and disseminated to its participants within one (1) business day if: * Any public marketing of the property occurs. * The prospective buyer is the client or prospect of an agent/broker that is not affiliated with the lis…

Public marketing of unlisted property

There have been a handful of potential violations of the Clear Cooperation Policy where there was no signed listing agreement. Real estate regulations in North and South Carolina require real estate brokers and licensees to first enter into a written agency agreement with the owner before marketing the property. …

Entering a listing as a “Comp Sale”

Canopy MLS offers three options for entering a listing for “comparable purposes” (“Comp Sales”) after closing: Selling Agent Comp Sale, Firm Exclusive Comp Sale, New Construction Listing Agent Comp Sale. Comp Sales must provide at least one photo, must provide complete data in all required fields, and the “Listing A…

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