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03/09/2022 - New Cooperating Supra Key agreement between Canopy MLS and the MLS of Greenville, SC

_**If you are already a member of both Canopy MLS and MLS of Greenville**_, you may use one Supra key to access both MLS's inventory of Supra keyboxes. _Action is needed._ If your primary Supra key is with Canopy MLS, contact the MLS of Greenville and request a cooperating key, 864-672-4427. If your primary Supra key …

Supra Single Access - Instructions for Agents and Non-members

MLS recommendation for using Single Access: * Check office policy. * Communicate with your seller in writing. Instructions for Agents [video][1]. Instructions for Agents [PDF][2]. Step by Step Instructions for Agents * Update your Supra eKEY * Click on My Lockboxes * Select the Lockbox that is assigned…

Supra® eKEY App 5.0 Quick Guide

**Supra® eKEY App 5.0 ** **Quick Guide ** These instructions provide a quick overview for how to install and use common features of the Supra eKEY® 5.0 app for Android™ and Apple® products. ​The new version of the Supra® eKEY® app requires: Apple® iOS 10 or greater​​​​ / Android™ OS 8 or greater Supra Support: 877-…

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