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Understanding the Market Reports
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The Matrix system offers several report options under the "Market Reports" tab in the toolbar at the top of the page.  These reports offer various ways to summarize the listing activity that has happened within a given time range in the MLS.


Inventory Counts

This report displays a summary of the number and volume of all listings in the MLS, broken down by status.  This criteria page for the report includes options for the time range to use, the property types to include, and some geographic criteria such as County or Subdivision.  The dates range selected here will find listings that entered their current status within the range - meaning a listing that changes to "Active" status prior to the "Start Date" will not be included, but one that changes to "Active" during that time range will.  A listing that is "Active" during the time range, but changes to another status (Under Contract Show, or Expired, for example) after the "End Date" will be included in the "Active" count in this report.


The report will include individual sections for each Property Type included in the search parameters of the report.  Within each section will be a list of all statuses and the number of listings currently in that status.  The report will also show the total and average price values for the status, as well as the average days on market for the included listings.  Each section will include totaled values for that section, and the bottom line of the report represents the total for the entire report.


Ranking Report

This report provides a way to rank individual agents, offices, firms, or teams based on a variety of options.  The report only includes listings in Closed status, but can be further customized by property type or geographic location.  For a full explanation of the Ranking Reports, click here


Production Reports (Agent, Office, Firm, and Team)

The Production reports calculate the total number of Closed listings, and the total volume of the Closed Price for those listings represented by the selected entity.  The report options shown are determined by the agent viewing the page - an agent in an office will only see the "Agent Production" report, but if that agent joins a team they will then see the "Team Production" report as well.  The head of each office can run an "Office Production" report, and the head of a firm will also see the "Firm Production" report option.  


The criteria page for these reports includes a Start Date and End Date, as well as status and property type selections.  If no status are selected, all statuses will be included in the report.  If any statuses are selected, Closed status must be included, otherwise no information will appear in the report (this means that "Closed" status can be selected by itself, but "Active" status can not be the only selected option - "Active" must be selected in addition to "Closed").


This report details all Closed listings represented by the agent (or office, firm, etc), but each listing will only be counted once, no matter how that agent participated. For instance, it doesn't matter if an agent is included as one of four agents named in the listing, or if they added their own name 4 times - once each in the Listing Agent, Co Listing Agent, Selling Agent, or Co-Selling Agent areas.  No matter how many times an agent appears in the listing, the Production report will still only count it once.  This means the "Total Volume" shown in the report is the sum of the Closed Price for each listing included. 


The report breaks down agent (or office, etc) participation by creating sections for each condition, in addition to an "Entire MLS" line which is provided for reference.  These are:

  • Listed | Sold: These are "dual agency" transactions, where the same agent (or office) represented both the seller and the buyer.
  • Listed | In House Sold: This listing was represented by the agent, while another agent in the firm represented the buyer.
  • Listed | Coop Sold: This listing was represented by the agent, while the buyer was represented by an agent with a different firm (or the buyer was not represented by an agent).
  • Listed In-House | Sold: The seller was represented by another agent in the same firm, and the agent running the report represented the buyer.
  • Coop Listed | Sold: The listing was represented by an agent with a different firm, and the agent running the report represented the buyer.
  • CoList | CoSold: The agent running the report appears as either the Co-Listing Agent or Co-Selling Agent in the listing.  The Listing Agent and Selling Agent may be any other agent in the MLS.
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