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07/20/2023 - Reminders about Compensation
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There is no “set commission” real estate agents charge consumers. The market decides commission rates, and commissions are always negotiable. Visit

In 2022, Canopy MLS implemented policy changes required by the National Association of Realtors® to reinforce transparency for clients and consumers working with Participants and Subscribers in real estate transactions.  We are frequently asked about these two:

  • MLS listings provided to consumers cannot be filtered out based on cooperative compensation, listing firm, or listing agent. Matrix does not permit users to omit listings based on agent or office, and compensation fields are not searchable or provided in single-line displays.
  • MLSs must provide cooperative compensation in MLS data feeds, which we do. In addition, we added a field to Matrix named Compensation Remarks.  Any necessary comments regarding compensation can only be provided in the Compensation Remarks.
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