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Canopy Member Participants Responsibilities to Maintain Access to MLS
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Subscription to Canopy MLS is through a firm’s participation in Canopy MLS (whether a single office or a branch office of a larger firm).

Each head of a firm or office, for MLS purposes, is referred to as the Member Participant.

All Subscribers (licensees) and Administrative Assistants affiliated with the firm have access to the service through the Member Participant’s membership. For this reason, it is important that a Member Participant notify Canopy when Subscribers or Assistants leave their firm.

Upon this notification, Canopy will inactivate the Subscriber or Assistant’s account (unless they have already affiliated with another firm).

All Subscribers and Assistants affiliated with a Member Participant are billed individually and required to pay their quarterly fees on time.

Subscribers and Assistants, as well as Member Participants, are invoiced the first day of the third month of each quarter for the upcoming quarter with invoices due the first day of each quarter:

  • 1Q - Billed December 1, Due January 1
  • 2Q - Billed March 1, Due April 1
  • 3Q - Billed June 1, Due July 1
  • 4Q - Billed September 1, Due October 1st

Approximately two weeks after invoices are due anyone who has not paid their quarterly fees will lose access to MLS.

When a Subscriber or Assistant’s access has been revoked for non-payment, the Member Participant is notified. Once notified, the Member Participant has three options:

  1. Ensure that the subscriber or assistant pays their outstanding invoice; 
  2. Pay the outstanding fees for the subscriber or assistant;
  3. Remove the subscriber or assistant from their roster by submitting an email to [email protected].  A copy of the Licensee Removal notification sent to the NC Real Estate Commission and/or SC Real Estate Licensing Board MUST be included to remove a Subscriber.

Member Participants have approximately one month to resolve unpaid balances for all subscribers and assistants affiliated with their office. Failure to take one of the actions listed above within this timeframe will result in the termination of the office’s MLS access until resolved.

To assist our Member Participants in avoiding this final step, we can allow up to two additional contacts in our membership database to receive these final notifications.  These additional contacts can be anyone with MLS access in your office or another branch office in your firm.

If you would like to add individuals to receive our final notifications, please send an email to [email protected] with the member number and name of the additional contacts.

MLS ID Name 




Please note that these contacts will have the following access:

  1. Be notified via email when there is a subscriber or assistant with an outstanding unpaid invoice, which may cause the office to lose MLS access.
  2. Have the ability in RAMCO to view and pay outstanding invoices.
  3. In addition, they will have the ability in RAMCO to update the office profile (address, phone number, etc.)

Understanding your impact as a Member Participant through the RAMCO Dashboard:

The RAMCO Dashboard can be used to review your agent’s statuses, update your personal and office profile, and pay outstanding invoices.  Please take a moment to log in and take a look around.

  1. Login at
  2. Click RAMCO Dashboard near the center of the page.
  3. Once on the Home page of your Dashboard you will see your memberships inbox below your information.  Below your memberships you will see your firm(s).  Below your office information you have the following options: Update Office Profile, Manage Agents and Pay Agent Orders
  4. When you click on the Pay Agent Orders, at the bottom, you have options to “select” open orders.  Once selected you have options to: Email Selected Agents, Print Renewal Notices and Pay Selected Orders
    1. The Email Selected Agents allows you to email your agents with one email to all directly from your email address via Canopy RAMCO Dashboard.
    2. The Print Renewal Notices allows you to print out the selected billings.
    3. The Pay Selected Orders allows you to make payments on your agent’s orders on their behalf.


Please contact our Member Services department with any questions

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