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OneHome Client Portal
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OneHome™ is the evolution of the Matrix™ client portal that enables agents to collaborate with their clients in new ways, from enhanced home searches to a guided checklist to help clients understand the real estate transaction process.


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How do clients get access to OneHome?  

Clients can only get access to OneHome by agent invite.


Are clients required to create a login and password to access the OneHome portal?

Your clients do not have to create a login to receive their auto emails. Clients can access the following tools without a login: 

  • view listings with all of the client facing detail they are used to
  • the map
  • the payment breakdown
  • market insights
  • walk,transit and bike scores
  • school ratings
  • tax data
  • monthly costs calculator


When they create a free login they will get all of the above plus these additional features:

  • increased security for your client relationship
  • collaboration with notes, favorites and discards
  • schedule request for tour
  • Transaction Planner(buyer or seller)
  • Marketplace where you can promote your preferred mortgage, insurance and home improvement service providers (currently disabled)


If your client decides to create a login no information is shared with any outside providers unless the client requests to be called.


Is OneHome mobile friendly?

OneHome features a fully responsive design, meaning it works on smartphones, tablets and desktops. 


Is OneHome accessible?

Yes, OneHome conforms to W3C WAI’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, Level AA.


What is the source of school ratings in OneHome?

“LiveBY” the same folks that do the Market Insights and Walk/Bike/Transit data in OneHome.


Should agents inform their clients about OneHome?

Educate your clients about the new OneHome portal, especially any clients that you have been working with on the old portal. The Matrix Learning Lab has OneHome agent marketing materials you can use including videos, handouts, agent email templates, agent social templates, and agent advertising templates. 


What will happen to existing auto-emails?

All your existing auto-emails will automatically be brought over to OneHome - no action required from agents.


When a client saves a search, if a new home meets the search criteria, will it send an auto email?

It does not, but the CoreLogic product team will consider this as a suggestion. The agent can see the client's saved search. 


When we set up clients, can we see the property listings first and choose what to send to them like we can now?

We have a feature called Concierge Mode that alerts you of the listings in Matrix.  You approve or reject the listings.  Listings that are approved are sent to the client, and listings that are rejected are not sent.  Here’s a link to a video that explains how to create and manage a Concierge Auto Email.  This is the best, most efficient way to preview and then send to a client.  The process to set up the search and save as auto email is the same.  The choice is Concierge, not daily or ASAP.  


If I am sending them a link to the OneHome portal, why would I BCC myself? 

You may choose to receive a copy of the listings that are sent to your client.  If you chose to BCC yourself, you will get a link with the listings.  When you click this link, you will be prompted to log in, and from there you will see the listings in the MLS as an agent.  We understand agents miss the agent view of the old portal, but please know that this new workflow is designed to save you time by taking you directly to the agent view of what your clients are seeing. It is no longer necessary to open an email, look at the listings, capture MLS numbers and navigate back to the MLS, and search those just to see agent info (showing instructions, listing office/agent, compensation, etc.). We’ve been asked for years to provide agent access in auto emails – and this is it!  


What support for using OneHome is in place? 

There is information under the “Matrix Help” section in Matrix that the agent can access, and the Matrix Learning Lab provides OneHome Agent Marketing Materials agents can use to educate their clients. MLS and agent support for OneHome will remain the same as it is today. Clients should communicate directly with their agents for any questions they may have with respect to OneHome. If an agent is unable to answer any questions, the agent can contact MLS Support staff. 


Can I send the client an email that they will receive with those homes that don’t go through OneHome?

You may email listings as a PDF by selecting the listings, clicking PRINT, then choosing the report you want to send as a PDF (eg., Customer Full with photos).  This will send a printout of the Buyer Full in a PDF format.  You cannot send this as an auto email – only as a direct email. 


If I don’t want them to go to the OneHome portal, can I just send them an email through MLS without going to OneHome?

If you would rather send your clients to Remine, another app that is provided by Canopy MLS, you can use that option.  We will always recommend you send them listings, and with OneHome, we feel they will like the user experience and appreciate all of the tools you share with them.  When you share listings through the MLS, the site is branded to you.  Your clients will not see list agent data, and any appointments they request will be sent to you. 


What listings can clients search or see? 

Clients can see listings that are on the market or recently sold, as long as the seller has allowed it to be displayed publicly. Agents can then send additional information via direct emails to their clients.


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