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"Seller Authorization to Withhold Listing" Impact on Days on Market

DOM stands for Days on Market, NOT Days on MLS.  The DOM calculated in the MLS, and reported to the various internet sites will be when marketing begins.  As a general rule the first Day on Market will be the beginning date of the listing agreement, which is either the beginning date identified on the agreement, or the date of the last signature required to make the listing agreement valid, whichever is later.  The DOM may alternatively begin at a later date as long as NO MARKETING of the property occurs.  Marketing is any communication made to the public containing any information, details, price or terms of any potential sale of the property, or any communication made to the public in regard to the brokerage firm or agent's representation of the seller.  Marketing includes, but is not limited to: 1) sign on the property, 2) Internet website posts, 3) social media posts, 4) fliers or advertising, 5) open houses.  

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  • 23-Jul-2019