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General Compliance Information


Canopy MLS staff encourages Subscribers, whenever possible, to report violations to one another prior to initiating a Canopy MLS Violation Report.

Canopy MLS uses a tool called Listing Data Checker, an application designed to help multiple listing services validate the quality and accuracy of their data, and to enforce the correction of violations.

Listing Data Checker

  • Searches MLS listings for potential rule violations.
  • Flags listings that potentially violate the rules for Canopy MLS staff to review.
  • Sends e-mail violation notifications to members who have allegedly violated the “Canopy MLS Rules and Regulations.” (Courtesy notifications are issued when potential fair-housing violations are discovered in MLS listings. Check the list of keywords indicating a potential fair-housing violation.)
  • Tracks (if possible) when the violation is corrected.
  • Generates fines for violations. Fines are imposed when violations go uncorrected and for repeat violations.
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  • 26-Sep-2019