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Potential Fair Housing Violation Keywords

Canopy MLS monitors listings for potential fair housing violations. If a potential violation is found, Canopy MLS staff sends a courtesy/educational notice (not a fine) to the listing agent to revise the remarks, and sometimes deletes the problematic words from the listing. We are following the guidelines set by HUD and NAR to keep both our members and our MLS out of trouble. Canopy MLS monitors for inappropriate use of the words or phrases listed below.

Able bodied  Adult community  Adult living  Adults only
African  Agile  Alcoholic, no Asian 
Board approval required Bachelor  Black, no Catholic 
Caucasian  Chicano  Children, no (#of) children
Chinese  Christian Colored  Couple
Couples only Crippled, no  Deaf, no  Employed, must be 
Empty nester (Ethnic references) Handicapped, not for  Healthy only
Hispanic  Impaired, no  Independent living  Indian
Integrated  Irish  JAARS  Jewish (JCC)
Landlord (description of) Latino  Married  Mature couple 
Mature individual  Mature person Membership approval required Mentally handicapped, no
Mentally ill, no  Mexican-American  Mormon Temple  Mosque 
(nationality) Newlyweds  Older person  One child 
One person  Oriental  Physically fit  Polish
Puerto Rican  Retarded, no  Retired  Seasonal worker, no 
Shrine  Single person  Singles only  Soc. Sec. Ins. (SSI), no
Tenant (description of) Unemployed, no  White  White only

This list is the product of a conciliation agreement between HUD, the Fair Housing Council of Oregon and the Portland Metropolitan Area Boards and Associations of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service, Inc., and is not the product of a ruling by a court or HUD. HUD has not endorsed this list. Words not appearing on this list could be used to discriminate. Conversely, words appearing on the list will not always violate the law. HUD provides more information about advertisements under the Fair Housing Act in this document:

Fair Housing and the Code of Ethics

For more information about language you should and should not use in listings and advertising, read VP of Risk Management Michele McCaskill’s article in Realtor® Reflections.

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